USAGE OF milanoff.com


  1. The “milanoff.com” platform (The platform) is property of the J. Milanoff Foundation (The Foundation) с UIC: 177024755, registered according to Bulgarian law.

  2. Terminology applying to the current Terms:

    1. User– people, using the Platform.

    2. Terms – the rules, which every User accepts when using the Platform.

  3. The platform and all information found on it are functioning according to the conditions described hereafter. Using the Platform means unconditionally accepting all terms and conditions. If the User does not agree with one or more of the conditions for using the Platform, they have they right not to use the Platform or they automatically accept all terms and conditions. The User thus silently approves all terms.


  1. The platform contains the most modern and approved security applications and technologies that relate to the User’s personal information.

  2. The Foundation does not guarantee the continuous operation of the platform.


  1. The Foundation reserves the right to stop the access to certain material or the entire site for an unlimited period of time, be it planned or accidental, not liable for any harm to the User, that occurred as a result of the suspension.

  2. The Foundation reserves the right to redirect the user to other websites that are controlled by the Foundation. In this case, Terms and Conditions set out in these pages will apply for the User.

  3. The Foundation reserves the right to redirect the user to other websites that are owned and controlled by third parties. The Foundation has no control over the content of these pages and therefore accepts no responsibility for the timeliness, correctness and accuracy of the information contained on these sites.


  1. Information found on the platform should in no way should be interpreted as advice. Any User actions related to the protection of his rights and legitimate interests should be made after due consultation with an expert in the field.

  2. The information provided on the Platform can be general and abstract. Its proper application in practice depends on the right, including legal, interpretation of numerous facts of the specific situation in life that may not be listed on the Platform. This is the reason that the Foundation will not be liable if the User applies the information in a different, more complex situation or a situation with specificity, resulting in any form of damage for the User.

  3. By submitting material to any of the servers of the Foundation by email or through platform including, without limitation, the User agrees that:

    1. The materials and information that go in / with them do not contain anything which is contrary to the applicable law or otherwise unfit for publication.

    2. It must use all appropriate means to detect and remove viruses as well as any harmful or destructive elements and programs before sending materials and information in / with them.

    3. The User owns the materials and information in / with them or has unlimited right to provide them , so the Foundation may publish them free of charge and / or use them or the ideas revealed in them in their products and services without any financial or other responsibility.


  1. The Foundation, through the Platform does not collect / process / store personal data. The Foundation follows the rules of this document and the principles for handling personal data under the applicable law and the Law of Personal Data Protection of the Republic of Bulgaria.


  1. The platform only collects statistics concerning the visits to the site, not associated with the personal data of the user.


  1. The information provided on the Platform is general and abstract. Its timeliness is monitored by the Foundation’s team, but sporadically missing partial or even complete changes, including legal, is possible. In the event of discrepancies between this site’s information and the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria and the European Union, the User can contact the team of the Foundation to indicate the discrepancy. The Foundation reserves the right to verify the signal and if necessary take action to remove it.


  1. The Foundation reserves the right to modify or renew the terms and conditions on the website as and when it deems necessary. The Terms and Conditions posted on the platform are deemed current.


  1. All information (articles, sample documents and other materials) on this Platform is intellectual property of the Foundation and / or authors from the team of the organization. Its use is permitted under the following rules:

    1. Everyone is free to share any material with the link to its source (the specific URL page on the Platform).

    2. By keeping every link in the provided material.

    3. Mentioning the author.

    4. Without modification.

    5. Non-comercially.


  1. The Foundation, as a socially responsible organization, values feedback from the User.

  2. The Foundation ensures that sending messages to the User happens only after explicit request by the User through special contact form. After the User registers their email address in the special contact form, the User agrees to receive notifications of new materials posted on the Platform and other relevant information about the project.

  3.  The User has the right at any time to refuse to accept messages through the e-newsletter of the Platform.

  4.  The Foundation reserves the right to interact with the User for the purposes of surveys / polls related to the quality of information provided.

    1. The surveys / questionnaires mentioned in this section can be carried out both through the virtual environment and in particular some of the digital / online channels of the Foundation connected to the Platform and in different physical ways, including but not limited to, brochures, newsletters, postcards, questionnaires, surveys, etc.

    2. The purpose of the surveys / polls is the improvement of the provided materials by the Platform and raising the level of the project.


  1. By using the Platform and the information contained herein, the user expresses his unconditional consent to these Terms and Conditions, thus obtaining the right to use the free Platform for personal and non-commercial purposes.