The mission of J. Milanoff Foundation is to cover the gap of knowledge about depression and the ways to effectively fight it.

Depression ruins more families and kills more people every year than most diseases. To beat it, we need a deep understanding of what causes it in our brains and bodies and how to react in a situation like this.

Understanding the simple biochemistry and psychology behind depression, as well as making a difference between symptoms and causes, can save so many innocent lives. Whether you’re fighting depression yourself or have someone dear who struggles, understanding how it works and how to address it is absolutely crucial.

The foundation was created to provide at milanoff.com all sorts of useful and free articles, resources, guides, videos, etc. on the subjects of: depression, stress,  biochemistry, psychology, sleep, relaxation, meditation, visualization and many others.  The website will try to create a whole network of interconnected materials that will help each person struggling with depression the most, regardless of his circumstances, nationality and story.

Unlike other sites, the main focus on all resources at milanoff.com will be the practical application of different techniques, knowledge and rules, helping the mind and body relax and reduce stress in order to effectively reduce the effects of depression along with that.

Our long-term goal is to create a community of people passing the understanding and tools to fight depression around their own friends and loved ones, in order to reach people all over the world. The website is available in English but also has articles in Bulgarian, hoping to serve as a global platform for depression help and stress-management.

Every day, the foundation tries to bring people calmness, knowledge and support in their efforts to recover and get back to their happy selves. We honestly think that each person has the power within to beat depression and anxiety and to build a strong mental immunity to prevent future depression episodes.