Our eyes don’t just observe and notice reality. They project our reality.

If you’ve read my article about the autopilot, you know there’s a mode in which everything in your life just works out the best way it could. But that’s not are default mode. To get there, you need to put a little effort. When your life is going in the wrong or an unclear direction, you will have to temporarily switch to manual mode, turn things in the right direction and then turn the autopilot on again. This manual mode means two things:

1) Not to believe everything your brain tells you for a while


The brain preserves energy. It chooses the path of least resistance. It’s easier for it to think you’re good for nothing, you’ll never have money, you’re surrounded by people that drag you down, etc. If you have already believed in any of those, your brain sticks to them blindly, because every new believe means wasting too much precious energy. The brain forms only 2% of our body weight, but it consumes 20% of our energy. Yes, 20% of all the food, water, oxygen and vitamins that we take goes to feed our processor.

2) Convince your brain to believe the right things

It sounds hard, but only if you don’t know how it works:

The brain is divided into conscious and subconscious. The conscious mind is your active thought, the way you make rational and conscious (hence the name) decisions. The conscious mind uses <10% of your brain’s potential. You’ve heard we don’t use the full potential of our brains, right? There it is, simply explained.

The subconscious, on the other hand, is the much more powerful processor (the remaining >90% of your brain’s capacity). It makes hundreds of calculations every second. It registers everything that’s happening around; keeps and organizes our memories and knowledge; controls how we feel, how we see ourselves. If the subconscious believes you are confident, healthy, successful and funny, nothing in the world can convince you otherwise.

Since we agreed that subconscious practically controls our life, let’s talk about out how to make it believe the right things, so our life goes in the direction we want.

Here’s what I’ve found for myself after 20 years of reading, listening and experiments: The subconscious is an extremely powerful, but very simple tool.

a) It doesn’t speak English. It talks to us in our inner voice – our intuition. The more calm and relaxed we are, the better we hear this inner voice.

b) It doesn’t understand English. To convey anything to it (and convince it) we need to use pictures, feelings, emotions. In other words, to VISUALIZE. 

To visualize suggests we imagine that the thing we need is already objective reality. To imagine it is a fact in the present and feel it with all of our senses, to the very last detail. To do this, we use our imagination.




Self-persuasion may seem a complete waste of time to many people, but that’s because they don’t understand the logic behind it. It’s not enough to repeat you’re self-confident all day long to become self-confident. You have to imagine what does it feels like to be a self-confident. What the posture of your body is, what your voice sounds like, how much energy you have. And not only – what kind of people you interact with, how they perceive you and talk to you, how that confidence helps you excel your at work and in your personal life, how it makes you dress and act. With whom you share your time, what things you do together, where you go, what you eat, what you hear and see, what you talk about. You get the idea – down to the last detail. And here’s why this is necessary:

The subconscious has no eyes.


It makes no difference between reality and something you imagine vividly and full of detail (engaging all of your 5 senses). Those experiences are real to it, despite they’re happening in you mind only. The more you visualize having what you want in life, the more persuasive that new reality becomes for your subconscious. Then it starts seeking for proof of that new reality every moment you’re awake.

Therefore, visualization is possibly the most powerful weapon we have. I cannot bold that last sentence enough. Visualization can make you the man you’ve always dreamed of being in a matter of months.

If self-persuasion in anything sounds stupid to you, we need to repeat several things:

  1. It doesn’t mater it’s (still) not a reality. Reality is what your subconscious believes in.
  2. Your subconscious is a thousand times more powerful than your rational conscious mind. Convince it that something is a fact and your conscious mind will follow believing it and looking for opportunities to prove it.
  3. Even if your conscious rejects the new ideas, you subconscious doesn’t know. It doesn’t hear the contradiction, because it doesn’t speak English.
  4. Practice makes the difference. IT’S A NUMBERS GAME. If you’re visualizing how confident you are more often than you consciously doubt yourself, self-confidence will soon take over.

But note: The wrong visualization will lead you to the wrong results. We rarely notice how destructive the inner monologue in our heads is.

We constantly imagine how we fail miserably doing our presentation, how we get fired, how people mock us and reject us, how nobody cares about us and we can’t make enough to pay rent, etc. Thus, we’re giving our subconscious loads of food to work against us. We’re in fact visualizing in our subconscious’ language (emotions, feeling, vivid pictures) how we’re not enough. It then, logically believes it and seeks proof to justify the belief. Not getting promoted? Of course, you’re not smart enough. Still single? Of course, you’re not pretty/handsome enough.

So, stop. Pay attention to the thing you visualize without noticing. Your imagination should only work in your benefit.



Once you convince your subconscious in the right, constructive things to believe, you can switch to autopilot again. The brain will always choose the path of least resistance, only this time it will be easier for it to thing you’re a great person – beautiful, successful, clever, self-confident, charismatic.

Whether you think you can or think you can’t – you’re right.

– Henry Ford





Trying to prove the power of your subconscious, a group of scientists gather professional basketball players and split them into 3 teams. Each team shoots from 3 points a hundred times. Then each team gets a different task.

The first team had to train shooting 3-pointers all week. Then their progress would be measured.

The second team needed to imagine (visualize) they’re shooting all week. But in full detail – what the feeling of the ball in their hands was, what the sound of the thud on the floor was, what the smell on the court was, what the noises on the street were, etc.

The third team had to relax all week and not train.

The results of the first team won’t surprise you. They had all improved their shooting in a week’s time. On the other hand, the third team have lost some of their shooting skills. But the second team was the highlight of the experiment. No one on it has touched a ball for a week and they were all shooting better than before.

This only proves that as long as you can picture something in full detail, it’s like actually experiencing it for your brain. Some of the most successful sports players, musicians and dancers of our time claim they never miss a day practicing – whenever they can’t go to the gym, they visualize their whole performance.



I spent half of 2015 in the deepest depression I’ve been in. The moment when I had almost given up and doctors were telling me it would take 6+ months to start sleeping, eating, gaining weight and socializing like a normal person, I started visualizing. I visualized I could do all of those things.

Two weeks in, I could walk and talk normally. Two months in I was working 9-5, happier than ever before.

If imagination can literally transform a sick person, imagine what it can do for a healthy one.


Our eyes are not just receivers for that’s happening outside. They’re also projectors for what’s happening in our mind.

Reality is not so much what you see, as much as HOW you see it. Therefore different people make different use of opportunities in life – everyone lives in their own reality.

The good news is you can now change your reality if you don’t like the current one: You just visualize the crap out of your brain. Once success, happiness, health, money, etc. are a reality in your head, they will start materializing before you.

It works for me, every time. Try for yourself.


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