I love months like this one.

Nothing works. Nada. Zero.

Struggling with everything I do. Stuck at work. Tired and stressed. Haven’t written much lately. Creativity has hit rock bottom. My car non-stop in repair. Doubting myself. No one seems to get it.

But I really love it. Because it proves a theory I wanted to test: Nothing works because I’ve been too concerned with myself lately. And I’m here on Earth to do more than worry about myself.

First, I’m a blogger, I write to help and inspire others.

Then, I’m an entrepreneur. I design accessories to give guys a point of difference and self-confidence.

Third, I’m a marketer. I share what I know about branding, sales, social media, etc. to help others build their own thing too, and win their own freedom.

But I’ve been too worried about my business, my plans, my work lately. I stopped giving and the universe stopped giving back to me. Because life gives to givers and takes from takers.

I just know that the moment I change my focus from my own self to being useful to others, things will start changing.

I hope my struggle makes you ask yourself the same questions:

  1. Are you happy now?
  2. If not, have you been too self-centered lately, like I have?
  3. What if you tried to do what you do best and give it generously to the world, no questions asked? Let’s see what happens.

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