I gave my first public speaking a few short days ago. Thank you, dear friends, for spending 17 hours of your life to hear what I had to say 🙂 My goal was to share the habits that make me more productive, calmer and happier.

It wasn’t something  groundbreaking, just my combination of tricks and rules. But one of my habits grabbed the attention of more people than I expected: DOING THINGS SLOWLY on purpose.

To do things slowly means to fully enjoy the moment without feeling the urge to move to the next, “more important” moment. The current moment is a gift, disguised as an accidental combination of circumstances. Or God forbid, work …

There are no unimportant moments.

Appreciate the moment, because every appreciated moment is a small victory at the end of the day. Thus when you’re falling asleep you’ll have the feeling that your day has been unique, even if you can’t remember anything great you had achieved that day.

And there is no way to appreciate the moment, if you don’t slow down.

Try to do things slowly. To pay attention to every detail, as if it was really important. Let’s make an experiment:

There’s a random song. You may not even like R&B. But keep reading while listening to it.

There is a real magic in R&B. Enjoy the song like that’s the most important thing you need to do today. Like it was the whole universe to you. Listen to the deep sound of the bass-guitar. Feel the smooth timbre of D’Angelo. And Lauryn Hill’s gentle silky voice. Close your eyes and dive into the rhythm.  Try to guess what direction the song will take. Picture how the singers wrote the song on a beautiful autumn evening with a glass of whiskey in their hands, Aretha Franklin subtly playing in the background. Imagine the view from the rooftop window of their hotel in New York, while at the bottom they could hear the horns of speeding taxi cabs. Although it was 3:30 a.m. 

Try to imagine what the room looks like. Feel the atmosphere like you are there beside them, lying in the comfortable sofa. Imagine how they felt while D’Angelo plays the piano and Lauryn Hill sings leaning on it. Maybe they thought that this song will help them convey the emotion of their day to people like you and me? And perhaps even help us relax, enjoy the moment and forget what happened yesterday and what’s coming tomorrow.


Slow down. Try to walk slowly. To eat slowly. To talk slowly. Even to think slowly.

Soon you’ll start to realize what’s happening around you. The carrousel will slow down. You’ll start making less mistakes. You’ll begin having fun. Stress will start to fade away.

Doing things slowly doesn’t mean you’re slow. Nor less productive. It simply means that you eliminate everything non-essential and relish the moment.

P.S. Look around. The most successful people around you hardly ever hurry. However, they are happy, rich and productive.

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