The Idea Behind Visualizations

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If you’re reading this, you’ve probably read about my depression: LINK

I was in such a bad condition that every single psychiatrist I went to told me I would need 6-12 months to start eating, sleeping and working again. That is IF I started recovering today. And I had only been getting worse over the last 5 months.

And then, out of nowhere I found this guy who beat depression by doing visualizations every day. I tried them and something in my brain clicked. Things started to change, fast*. The night I tried the visualization technique for the first time, I felt a short burst of energy and motivation after just 10 min. of practice. And I hadn’t felt motivated and energetic for months. Continue reading “The Idea Behind Visualizations”

My Depression


As a depression survivor, I’ve been helping others fight it for over 2 years now. I’m a blogger and storytelling is something I’m good at, so I shared my story and what helped me recover. More than 200 000 people have read it since and I’ve exchanged more than 3000 emails with people from all around the world. But too few took action on my advice, so I had to change something in my approach.

It recently dawned on me that people lack the basic understanding where depression comes from and what it is. I also lacked it when I was depressed, so no advice seemed persuasive enough. Today I’m starting the reconstruction of this whole blog in order to give you the whole picture. The way to beat this cruel enemy is to really understand it. Continue reading “My Depression”


I’ve not been my best lately and whenever that happens, I know that I’m probably not calm enough and happy enough with the way my life is going.

Usually that’s because I’ve had too much on my plate. More specifically, there has been too much I HAVE TO do. Continue reading “HOW TO FIND HAPPINESS BY REPLACING JUST ONE WORD”


Our eyes don’t just observe and notice reality. They project our reality.

If you’ve read my article about the autopilot, you know there’s a mode in which everything in your life just works out the best way it could. But that’s not are default mode. To get there, you need to put a little effort. When your life is going in the wrong or an unclear direction, you will have to temporarily switch to manual mode, turn things in the right direction and then turn the autopilot on again. This manual mode means two things: Continue reading “OUR EYES ARE PROJECTORS, NOT RECEIVERS”


There’s a term in psychology called decision fatigue and it’s a powerful notion. It applies both to your work and your personal life and basically describes how your willpower works like a muscle, or a battery.

It’s a pretty simple concept: You only have a certain amount of decisions you can make every day and each of them drains your willpower Continue reading “YOUR WILLPOWER IS A BATTERY”


What’s with the cat? It makes you click on the link. Cats work like that. Now let’s move to the question.

Have you ever felt like you’re not living your own life? Things just happen to you and all you do is react to them. It’s like you’re living on autopilot and you can’t turn it off… You’re constantly tired, stressed, overworked and unhappy. The fog in our own mind feels to thick to break through. Continue reading “GOOD vs. BAD AUTOPILOT”


I gave my first public speaking a few short days ago. Thank you, dear friends, for spending 17 hours of your life to hear what I had to say 🙂 My goal was to share the habits that make me more productive, calmer and happier.

It wasn’t something  groundbreaking, just my combination of tricks and rules. But one of my habits grabbed the attention of more people than I expected: DOING THINGS SLOWLY on purpose. Continue reading “SLOW DOWN”